Maintenance Cycle

Maintenance intervals for cardan shafts depend mainly on the conditions of the given application; heavy duty or higher than average ambient temperatures, for instance, lead to faster lubricant consumption. Hostile environments, heavy soiling or exposure to water, necessitate shorter maintenance intervals. The following are recommended lubrication internals in the interest of a prolonged service life(the values below are valid only for use at normal conditions).

Cardan Shafts Maintenance Cycle
In Motor vehicles  
  • Road application
50,000 km or 1 year
  • Construction site and off-road applications
10,000 km or 250 hours operations
  • Industrial Machinery
360 hours of operation or 20 days
In rail vehicles 3,000 hours of operation or 6 months
In stationary installations and traveling cranes 500 hours of operation
In marine drives lines 1500 hours of operation or 6 months

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