To make sure the running quality and precise balancing of the cardan shafts are not impaired, for connecting flanges running at zero-clearance we recommend the contering tolerances and maximum values for redial and axial deviation listed in the table below.

Cardan Shaft
Speed (RPM)
Fit for D3 Radial Run-Out
KR [mm]
Axial Run-Out
KR [mm]
Upto 500 H3 0.15 0.18
500 upto 3000 H2 0.08 0.10
Over 3000 H1 0.05 0.07
All anti-corrosion point should be removed carefully from the cardan shafts flanges before the shafts in installed. Anti-corrosion agent on the cardan mounting flanges reduces frictional adhesion(not with flange yokes with staggered tooth arrangement)

On kinematical grounds, make sure that the markings on the length displacement are matching exactly. Otherwise the inner yokes will not be located in one plane and rotation causes vibrating and early failure of the drive system components.

All cardan shafts have an alkaloid-base priming coat; the finish coat can be customized.

Weld design with length compensation(Atype): strictly make two arrow mark B on the shaft body aligned Spline position is fixed cannot be changed when installation.

Generally the spline position should be kept away from vibration and impact source, however, both ends or the universal shaft can act as driving end. In case the universal shaft is stored for more than 6 months, it must be cleaned before usages by lubrication. Corrosive chemical detergent, high-pressure water or steam should not be used for cleaning.
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